Using Mobile Technology to Keep Up with Hotel Activity

How often do you find yourself wondering, at any given moment, what’s happening in a particular area of your property? And how often have you thought that if only you could view the status of your operations in real-time throughout the day, you could operate more effectively, respond more quickly to problems and provide a higher level of guest service?mobile dashboard 2

Now, mobile dashboard applications enable hoteliers to view key information about the property quickly and easily from a variety of tablets and smartphones. These applications open up a world of new possibilities for hotels of all sizes, enabling them to streamline operations in virtually every area of the business.

Mobile dashboards contain panels of strategically organized data elements, such as arrivals, departures, VIPs, total guests, rooms, house status, housekeeping, revenue, groups, group rooms remaining and reservation summary. User-focused design allows information to be presented in a variety of layouts, and dashboards typically can be filtered according to criteria, such as property, building or wing, which gives managers a more in-depth view of activity. The applications are integrated with the hotel’s property management system and access the user credentials and security protocols established in the PMS host.

Mobile dashboard applications offer lots of benefits. The dashboards are usually customizable, so that the hotel manager, for example, may see a high level of activity, while the front desk manager might see the details that apply only to his particular area. Users can drill down into each data element, which provides a detailed view of activity rather than a mere summary of information. Dashboards also display data in or near real time, so managers no longer have to wait until the end of the day to see how the business is doing; they can obtain an up-to-the-minute picture any time, night or day.

Yet, perhaps the biggest benefit of a mobile dashboard application is that it enables users to operate ‘on the go’ — without being tethered to a computer. For busy hotel managers who are constantly moving around the property, this type of solution can be a lifesaver. It not only enables them to see what’s currently happening in every area of the business, but also allows them to review historical data and take a look at what’s on the books the following day.

A mobile dashboard application can streamline your entire operation, enabling you to more effectively respond to everything from housekeeping issues to guest needs. If you have not yet incorporated this type of technology into your property, perhaps it’s time to consider it.  



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